Innovation and solutions

We develop and embed innovative solutions that deliver maximum value, based on your requirements.

At Frazer-Nash we draw upon our experience across all the sectors we work in to provide innovative solutions that deliver real value to the power transmission and distribution sector at a time when it is needed most.

We are independent and technology agnostic enabling us to integrate a range of solutions. We also take a flexible approach to Intellectual Property generation to ensure that as wider cross-section of the sector will benefit from our solutions.

Some potential solutions include:

Software, data and mathematical modelling

Our experienced multidisciplinary teams of data analysts, modelling experts and software engineers have a proven history of providing decision support solutions to clients in a variety of domains. We develop and deploy bespoke interactive analysis tools that collate and analyse multiple data streams to predict trends and risks, quantify uncertainty, and provide robust insights for our clients. This understanding can then be used to prompt data-driven decision-making leading to greater operational efficiency.

Click here for more information on our software and modelling solutions.

New product design

At Frazer-Nash, we have extensive engineering capabilities in all phases of the product development cycle, including: requirements engineering, mechanical and electrical design, mechanical and electrical analysis, human factors, and verification and validation (V&V). We use these capabilities and our cross-industry experience to develop innovative new products which help you get your job done more quickly, more easily and more safely.

Read more about our engineering design capabilities.

Robotics and automation

We help you to build smart, autonomous, connected systems which leverage the latest technology to bring the Net Zero ambition closer to reality. The smart systems that we build help improve your networks by:

  • Increasing their reliability and resilience through real-time monitoring and control, allowing data-driven approaches to asset management which underpin investment decisions and decrease network downtime
  • Increasing their efficiency by permitting online autonomous reconfiguration, which helps reduce your key metrics, such as Customer Interruptions (CI) and Customer Minutes Lost (CML)
  • Decreasing your operating costs through automation, allowing you to make the most of your infrastructure and assets.

Discover our robotics expertise, and find out more about our automation solutions.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) have the potential to not only reduce the costs of asset inspections and increase safety, but also improve inspection response times and quality. We helping you to understand their potential use cases, and to understand what you can do with them today; as well as to achieve your longer-term ambitions, including beyond visual line of sight operation and incorporation of autonomy.

Read how we can help provide UAS solutions to your business.