Energy storage

At Frazer-Nash we understand the unique technical and commercial challenges presented by energy storage.

Energy storage is a key enabler of the UK’s transition to net-zero carbon, providing essential flexibility services to the grid. Frazer-Nash is a trusted advisor in energy storage for developers, manufacturers, government and academia. We understand the unique technical and commercial challenges presented by energy storage and, in particular, battery energy storage systems.

We have experience supporting successful battery energy storage projects across the UK and internationally, covering the full technology life cycle, including:

  • Research and development (R&D) support for novel storage technologies
  • Battery system modelling
  • Strategic advice to government and industry
  • System operator services and market design
  • Owner’s engineer support and technical due diligence.

R&D support for novel storage technologies

We have supported a range of storage technology companies, from start-ups to large utilities. We understand the challenges and unique requirements of early stage R&D. Our support provides confidence to investors through technical quality, enabling the bankability of new storage technologies. We believe that a combination of technologies will be essential to ensure the UK has all the required storage capabilities to meet its net zero ambition.

Battery system modelling

Our in-house battery degradation model, developed by experts in our materials’ performance and renewables’ technology teams, considers participation across a number of market services, and allows project owners to define and enforce battery warranties. Combined with our up-to-date understanding of the range of market services accessible to energy storage, this can enable you to make the right decisions on your project.

Strategic advice to government and industry

The energy storage technical landscape is complex and constantly evolving. We can help you chart this landscape and provide the key takeaways for your organisation’s needs. We are proud of our strategic and technical advisory roles on key government and industry programmes. We have supported government with the review of the landscape for engineering and health and safety technical standards, including providing advice to independent expert panels. This allows us to advise government and industry on the direction of travel for standardisation and regulatory initiatives.

System operator services and market design

We continue to support system operators with the definition and implementation of essential system services: spanning the full value stack from balancing and flexibility services, ancillary services such as dynamic containment for fast-acting frequency response services, through to emerging services such as peer-to-peer trading. Our dual understanding of distribution network requirements and energy storage allows us to match your system needs to your asset capabilities. We help system operators and developers to enable maximum participation and value from their energy storage assets.

Owner’s engineer support and technical due diligence

As an experienced provider of owner’s engineer services to both investors and developers we have supported large-scale (up to 100MW/100MWh) Li-ion storage projects from project conception through to site testing. We are particularly adept in supporting projects where there are novel technical and commercial considerations, drawing on our multi-disciplinary experts in energy systems engineering, economics, software development and safety assurance.

We also have a strong track record in providing technical due diligence for both new projects and re-financing. We understand the requirement for clear, prompt technical advice to support investment decision making and have enabled investors to fully understand their project risks and opportunities.