Floating wind

Our cutting-edge analysis tools and processes help you understand your wind farm's behaviour and operational performance.

Our team have been supporting floating offshore wind since 2015 and have acquired significant experience in that time, covering the full breadth of technology development stages and across the project life cycle. Our expertise is recognised internationally, and our experience spans from leading large international research and development programmes through to supporting developers through Front End Engineering Design. We also provide direct support to wind turbine manufacturers, foundation designers, as well as directly supporting the leasing authorities.

Our experience gives us a deep understanding of the challenges and specific complexities of floating wind, which along with our experience in the development and integration of novel technologies, means we are well positioned to support the development of your projects.

Our floating wind project team brings together experience with key strengths including:

  • Numerical modelling of floating wind systems.
  • Aeroelastic loads analysis of wind turbines.
  • Structural loads analysis of towers, floating foundations, and moorings.
  • Evaluation of novel technology solutions.
  • Energy yield assessment.
  • Practical experience of offshore project commissioning and operations.

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