Helideck Operations

Elevating the Safety and Reliability of Helidecks at sea

At Frazer-Nash Consultancy our technical expertise is helping the maritime industry improve the safety of operations involving rotary wing aircraft, from helicopters to drones. Our analytical and modelling techniques, coupled with our extensive operator experience, means our customers receive comprehensive understanding and assurance of maritime air operations.

Our Systems Approach helps us respond to your challenges, whether it’s a helicopter landing on an offshore support vessel, or a drone landing on the flight deck of a destroyer. We work with you to understand the whole range of issues that surround your technical needs.


Why Frazer-Nash?

Our engineers are experts in their field, and we use our extensive analytical capabilities to accurately model the interactions that occur between rotary wing aircraft, ship air wakes, and exhaust plumes. Our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis methodology has many advantages over the use of physical models:

  • Our CFD analysis can be done remotely, without the need for a physical workshop or testing facility.
  • We can build a model quickly. Without the need for physical manufacturing, we can create a computational model quickly and efficiently saving much time and cost.
  • We understand that each vessel presents unique challenges. Our approach is customised to address your specific operational requirements.
  • We need minimal data to complete the task. Normally a vessel’s general arrangement drawing is sufficient to create a 3D model for analysis.
  • CFD is easily repeated and updated and needs minimal time and effort to be changed to reflect new requirements or circumstances. This can reduce both risk and cost.
  • CFD analysis can be used to give certifying bodies the evidence they require to approve a solution for use.


Our capabilities

We can provide you with a range of analysis services to help your design evolve from concept through to certification and operation.

  • We work with you to understand your needs, or those of your client or the vessel’s owner, to build a model as efficiently as possible.
  • We can support you in establishing which regulatory requirements must be met and how compliance can be demonstrated in a cost-effective manner.
  • We can build a 3D model of your platform, or use an existing model, to provide a robust simulation environment.
  • We can test the model against the requirements needed to meet the desired certification regime.
  • We will provide ongoing support should further changes be required to reflect an evolving design. Our work applies throughout the ship’s design spiral, from concept stages through to in-service operations.

Frazer-Nash supports its customers from concept stage, all the way through to in-service operations and can provide advanced technical support every step of the way.  Contact us to learn more about how our advanced modelling and simulation services can elevate the safety standards of your ship-air operations. 

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