Support that helps you decarbonise your fleet

Our bespoke fleet decarbonisation plans help you ensure business needs are met as you transition to a sustainable future.

What is the consequence of transitioning my fleet to low/zero carbon alternatives?

We provide bespoke fleet decarbonisation plans that are backed up by detailed data analysis and modelling, so that you can transition to a sustainable future, confident in the ability of your decarbonised fleet to meet your needs. Our modular, tailored solutions are technology agnostic, so you’re not tied into a specific vendor or product.

We can help you to:

  • Meet the government's environmental targets
  • Have confidence that your new decarbonised fleet will meet your requirements
  • Gain a full understanding of the solution’s cost, CO2 savings and other KPls
  • Develop a full fleet decarbonisation plan
  • Reduce costs, by optimising your fleet to your needs
  • Begin implementing fleet decarbonisation sooner, by reducing the time to develop a solution

Our business-focused solutions include:

  • Low carbon fleet modelling
  • Business case support


Low carbon fleet modelling

We know that you want to understand the operational and environmental impact of your organisation transitioning from diesel/petrol based fuels to alternative technologies, such as Hydrogen, or to the use of electric vehicles.

While these technologies can offer a number of benefits to society, such as reduced air pollution and noise, as well as improved fuel and logistical efficiency to your business, you may be concerned that their limitations could jeopardise the effectiveness of your fleet. For example, with time spent charging/refuelling and in maintenance, how can you ensure you have enough vehicles to meet demand? Will you have enough recharging locations to service your vehicles? These are key questions to which you need answers, prior to any investment.

We can help you to gain this understanding, by providing a solution that explores your fleet’s decarbonisation scenarios within a digital simulation environment, enabling you to identify its effects on your business quickly and efficiently. By augmenting this model with your company data, we can deliver a bespoke solution tailored to your business’s specific needs.


Business case support

In addition to the operational and environmental impact on your business, there are many other short, and long term, economic factors that you need to consider before embarking on a large fleet investment programme. Our financial expertise enables us to conduct economic appraisals of a number of viable scenarios, helping your organisation to choose the best route for its decarbonisation journey.

Either stand alone, or as a complementary service to our low carbon fleet modelling, our business case support enables you use the predicted operational and environmental changes to inform your business appraisal and investment decision.


Low carbon fleet modelling

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