Rail infrastructure

Our engineering knowledge and techniques cut project risk and improves performance.

Our rail engineering knowledge and techniques will cut project risk, improve performance, and ensure that operational costs are aligned throughout the project life cycle.

We are currently supporting the delivery of a wide range of rail infrastructure projects for our clients, including the implementation of the digital railway, European rail traffic management system (ERTMS), traffic management and the electrification of the rail network. 

Supporting the delivery of rail infrastructure projects

Our experienced engineers and rail professionals can help infrastructure managers to:

  • Develop safety cases for the introduction of new equipment, technology, vehicles and systems
  • Integrate technical disciplines across suppliers on complex programmes
  • Independently assess risk and safety aspects
  • Develop control, command and signalling solutions;
  • Extend the life of ageing infrastructure
  • Design and analyse the performance of railway infrastructure 

Our rail safety team has significant experience in providing robust safety assessments for clients. We are familiar with the processes and the requirements for safety cases and assessments, and have a successful track record. We have provided safety support to multiple Network Rail projects related to improving the electrification of the rail network in Great Britain: including electrification upgrades, the introduction of new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) equipment and integrated protection and control equipment.

We can help clients with the implementation of new equipment and new electrical isolation arrangements. On selected projects we are also able to operate as an assessment body under European common safety method regulations.

Our experts are experienced in development of signalling equipment and systems and the operating principles that support them, and many are members of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers. We continue to recruit and are investing in the training and development of expert staff in this area.

In Australia we have provided systems engineering and systems assurance support to the Melbourne Regional Rail Link (RRL) programme – the first major new rail line in Melbourne for 80 years. 

Our skills and services

  • Mechanical systems design and analysis
  • Programmable, electronic and electrical systems design and analysis
    Systems engineering (requirements, compliance)
  • ERTMS, train control and signalling
    Safety engineering including hazard identification and safety case development
  • Common safety method on risk evaluation and assessment (CSM-REA)
  • Assurance engineering including governance and auditing
  • Supportability engineering
  • Reliability, availability and maintainability
  • Environmental engineering
    Electrification control to IEC 61850
  • Concept design and innovation
    Engineering project management
  • Maintenance planning and optimisation
  • Whole-life costing
  • Technical and safety auditing, (ISA and CSM assessment body)
  • Risk management
  • Accident, incident and near miss investigations
  • Simulation and modelling