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Grain LNG asset life extension supported by Frazer-Nash team

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Frazer-Nash has been helping Grain LNG on a project to safely extend the life of its assets.

Leading LNG importation terminal, National Grid’s Grain LNG, recently launched a project to safely extend the life of its assets and Frazer-Nash, a systems, engineering and technology consultancy, has been completing the early engineering studies.

Frazer-Nash has been examining the original design intent of the Kent-based facility and its current state of health, to identify the areas of its plant that would require enhanced investment, overhaul or modifications to inspection regimes. By assessing the plant’s compliance with company specifications, industry standards, and health and safety regulations, Frazer-Nash has enabled Grain LNG to ensure it can manage its plant and equipment risk.

The company has undertaken both on- and off-site activities, including system workshops with site engineering and maintenance teams, and site-based asset reviews. Consultant Philippa Jones describes the Frazer-Nash team’s work:

“The Grain LNG Phase 1 facility is a large, complex upper tier COMAH integrated site. As it was approaching the end of its current operating contract, and developing a business plan for future operations it wanted to understand potential future threats to its plant integrity, and asked us to undertake a systematic and detailed ‘Basis of Design’ review, as part of an overall life extension review.

“In-line with asset management best practice we proposed a technical approach that provided line of sight between Grain LNG’s business objectives and detailed engineering assessments. We focussed our efforts on asset criticality, an innovative, risk-based approach that delivered essential insights into the key areas of risk to the facility’s long-term operation. Then we supplemented this asset-level analysis with a Future Utilisation numerical model, considering operational forecast scenarios for the plant, and a high-level architecture. Through this model, we were able to identify the key areas of operational risk for Grain LNG, in relation to potential capacity shortfalls and its ability to meet peak demand.

“Our multi-disciplinary team brought the expertise in mechanical, electrical, controls, modelling, supportability and safety needed to analyse and interpret the vast volume of supporting information. To help Grain LNG ensure it was compliant with technical standards, best practice, corporate policy, industry regulations and legislation we conducted a gap analysis across all its asset systems, identifying and reporting on shortfalls in order to scope any resolution activities required.”

Charles Woghiren, Asset Technical Manager, for Grain LNG, said: “We are delighted to be working with Frazer-Nash on this important project which will ensure Grain continues to offer the UK a flexible and reliable supply of gas to complement intermittent renewable generation.”