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SALUS programme delivers investment in ships’ safety and environmental management

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A two-year programme of work has seen substantial safety assurance successfully established in the Defence Equipment and Support Ships Operating Centres, through the implementation of common and refined safety management tools and processes delivered via Project SALUS.

The Ships Operating Centres are at the forefront of providing ‘safe to operate’ equipment to ships and submarine Duty Holders, and the SALUS programme has worked to embed a proactive and generative safety culture, with considerable investment in upskilling and recruitment of staff.

A £10 million programme of work was awarded to the engineering and technology company Frazer-Nash Consultancy, to support the Ships Operating Centres to implement a strategically driven improvement programme to continue its development of safety and environmental protection management arrangements. Frazer-Nash Consultancy delivered engineering outputs that enabled the Operating Centres to achieve substantial assurance underpinning risk-to-life safety and environmental protection arguments through the development and update of technical evidence, tools and processes.

Frazer-Nash’s Business Manager for Warships In-Service Support, Ivor Humphrey, said:

“The Ministry of Defence (MOD) takes its safety and environmental responsibility extremely seriously. This is demonstrated in it commissioning Frazer-Nash to provide specialised safety and environmental expertise and activities, to instil customer confidence that the Ships Operating Centres’ safety management regime meets regulatory requirements. This application of a high standard and commonality of approach helps ensure delivery and support of safe to operate equipment to the Royal Navy.

“A key part of the programme has been the transfer of essential knowledge to empower and upskill Ships Operating Centres’ personnel. This significant investment will ensure its high-quality employees can continue to maintain and manage the safety and environmental picture in the future.”