Glen Jewell

Managing Consultant

I lead a team of engineers bringing industry domain experience to support the successful design, development and operation of offshore energy projects.

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I have over 18 years' experience in engineering consultancy for the offshore sector, working with clients across the world in support of both renewables and oil and gas projects. I have held a number of senior leadership and project roles, including detailed design projects and secondments into operators.

In recent years I have drawn on my offshore and subsea experience to support the energy transition, with increasing focus on renewables and especially offshore wind. With a growing trend towards offshore renewable energy sources such as floating wind, there remain critical engineering challenges to be overcome. My background in subsea dynamic structures has relevance to new challenges such as how we can practically develop power cable and mooring solutions for commercial scale floating wind. Additionally my experience of delivering to, and working within, major developers / operators provides valuable insight to the needs and requirements of the end customer, enabling the delivery of technical advisory services.

My career began in the offshore oil and gas industry, with particular focus on subsea riser and conductor engineering. I have experience with all types of drilling and production riser – including fixed and floating systems, shallow and deep water, and rigid and flexible pipe. Like any offshore structure, a subsea riser must be designed to safely meet operational requirements over its design life, with little or no intervention. This requires a good understanding of how the system will respond to the complex and harsh environmental conditions, supported by a robust evaluation of risks, and through-life integrity management.

My core skills lie in analytical work, including finite element analysis, structural design, and fatigue assessment, and associated concept evaluation and project management. However, analytical work is meaningless without a practical application, and I recognise the importance of developing appropriate outcomes that can be understood and used. Hence I develop strong working relationships with my colleagues and clients, working collaboratively to achieve successful outcomes.

Within Frazer-Nash, my team all have direct experience of supporting offshore energy projects, and we can draw on further support from a large pool of engineering resources with diverse expertise. This allows me to combine my domain knowledge of subsea engineering with the sharpest minds in various engineering disciplines, delivering results based on engineering best practice from across multiple safety-critical industries.

I am a Fellow of the IMechE and a chartered manager with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). I enjoy mentoring and coaching, and am a trainer for Frazer-Nash’s internal programme introducing the fundamentals of project management to our staff. I am also an active member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Upstream Oil and Gas Committee, which promotes technical learning and knowledge sharing within the sector and beyond, including increasing focus on the steps that must be taken to accelerate the energy transition while safely managing existing assets and providing energy security.

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