Dr Emma Bradford

Senior Consultant – Behavioural Psychology Unit, Cyber Investment

Applying behavioural psychology to cyber security to better understand human vulnerabilities in digital systems.

My biography

I completed my PhD in Forensic Psychology at the University of Liverpool. My doctoral research focused on revenge-motivated behaviours, which led me into a career investigating insider threat.

With responsibility for Frazer-Nash’s behavioural psychology unit, we consider the human element within our holistic approach to security. My work has expanded to include the examination of human vulnerabilities in cyber systems and organisational resilience to cyber-attacks.

With the recent enforcement of social isolation, my research has turned to examining how employees may be introducing vulnerabilities into company systems whilst working from home.

Before joining Frazer-Nash, I worked at the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), leading its Insider Threat Research and Development Programme. Here I developed protective security tools and education campaigns to reduce organisational vulnerability to insider attacks. I also provided security recommendations to private and public sector organisations, both nationally and internationally.

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