Digital twins and ontologies

Using engineering expertise and systems thinking to support the development and deployment of digital twins.


Many of the models we design for our clients are, in essence, digital twins of their systems. A Digital Twin refers to a digital replica of potential and actual
physical assets, processes, people, places, systems and devices. They can be used to drive your strategy and planning, and as a key tool to inform your
day-to-day operations.

Digital Twin and Internet of Things (IoT) applications bring together data from disparate information sources, including sensors that may potentially need to conform to a range of different data or interface standards. You need to ensure
that your Digital Twin is underpinned by a strong semantic model – which recognises and is able to assign meaning to comparable data from different
sources – to ensure interoperability between the sources of its data. This enables all participants in the system to share the same understanding of the meaning of the information and data being exchanged.

We also offer an ontology development service, which prepares and transforms your data for use in semantic graph databases. These, in turn, can support your artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications; and advanced analytics, including inference, hypothesis generation and prediction. Through these services, we help you take advantage of semantic technologies and develop
Digital Twins of your assets, process and systems.

As digital systems become more connected through the IoT and linked data technologies, and as the power of AI and machine learning increases, the
challenge of keeping your information and business secure grows.

Protecting your business – how to ensure your digital business systems are secure and resilient

Applying data science to address real-world challenges

Our expertise and knowledge of system security and privacy is informed by our experience across a range of government and defence agencies, where we work
in some of the most demanding environments for information assurance.

We recognise the need to understand your view of the different aspects of security and, with our extensive capability within this domain, tailor our services to meet your individual, and often unique, requirements. Unlike many information assurance and cyber security consultancies, our approach applies a systems engineering philosophy, offering a holistic, end-to-end service. Typically, we are involved from the start of your project and can assist with defining your security objectives and user requirements, threat and risk assessment.

Within our team, we also offer a broad range of complementary specialisms. Our certified business continuity consultants, behavioural psychologists and
human factors professionals can help assure your business resilience, and address your human-related issues – integrating your people into your system
design, and optimise both the performance of your business systems and the wellbeing of your people.

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