Dr Graham Hawkes

Engineering Manager – Energy Technology

I provide pragmatic fluid dynamics insight that adds value and reduces risks in offshore and clean energy projects.

My biography

I lead Frazer-Nash’s energy technology department which delivers fluid dynamics, thermal and physics insight across the full extent of the energy sector, from nuclear to offshore wind. This is an extremely exciting space to work in to help meet the dual challenges of growing energy demand and Net Zero.

I am a fluid dynamics engineer advising developers, operators and investors within the offshore and clean energy sector. I have worked extensively on operational and development project issues relating to unsteady flow behaviour, heat transfer, wind farm performance and flow induced vibration and have authored over 18 papers in these fields.

Whilst I am always interested in new methods, I focus on helping our clients to select the appropriate level of engineering assessments to apply within projects. I have an intimate knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the range of fluid dynamic methods from engineering standards to state-of-the-art simulations. Using this I advise clients on assessment strategies taking into account other drivers such as project lifecycle stage, input uncertainty, time and cost. 

In this regard, I am currently working with a range of offshore wind farm developers to create and appraise tools to quantify blockage and farm-to-farm wake effects. This encompasses both comprises rapid engineering models for concept optimisation and high fidelity simulations for reducing uncertainty and increasing physical understanding.

I also have a keen interest in developing the next generation of engineers and am Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor in engineering collaboration, communication and technical advisory skills at the University of Surrey.

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