Gary Lock

Group Business Manager - Energy

I lead a group that is responsible for all non-nuclear energy projects, including renewable energy, transmission, distribution, conventional, turbo machinery and oil and gas.

My biography

With over thirty years’ experience with Frazer-Nash, I was initially involved in structural integrity and design projects across a wide range of market sectors. My work also involved vehicle dynamics, with a focus on the stability of large vehicles.

I led the development of the company’s turbines business, both industrial and aerospace, which developed from designing test rigs into a multi-million pound structural integrity and asset management business.

Currently, I lead the group responsible for all non-nuclear energy projects. With a move to ‘net-zero’ combined with the recovery of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a very challenging, yet extremely interesting time. Hydrogen, carbon capture (CCUS) and energy distribution are all areas of focus for our clients.

I have been working with renewable energy companies for over twenty years and I’m proud to be part of a team providing world leading services to the offshore wind industry.

My team has considerable experience in the asset management of gas turbines, connection to the grid and the distribution of electricity and gas. We are also supporting our oil and gas customers with the generation of hydrogen and the sequestration of carbon dioxide.

I continue to maintain my knowledge of vehicle dynamics and regularly appear as an Expert Witness in cases that involve the stability, and roll-over, of large vehicles. This work has led to my colleagues providing Expert Witness services in their specialist areas, including structural integrity, asset management and component life expectations.

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