Thomas Thorpe

Group Leader – Electronics and Embedded Software

My team applies systems engineering best practices to deliver tangible solutions and support clients through the lifecycle of their embedded electronics and software systems.

My biography

I have over 15 years' experience in the electronics industry, working across the project and product life cycles to analyse, develop and maintain embedded electronic systems. 

Embedded electronic systems are everywhere around us. They support every kind of modern industry and enable our way of life. I apply systems concepts and detailed knowledge of electronics and software design to support our clients in maintaining their existing high reliability systems and help them to efficiently develop the next generation of those systems.

Electronics, control and software are tightly integrated but must work together, often presenting complex integration challenges in a small product.  I’ve been involved in a huge range of projects with Frazer-Nash, across the rail, aerospace/defence and energy sectors.  Each sector has its own processes, body of experience, best practices, and insights which can be applied to the others. 

In my current role, I lead a team of engineers who are passionate about solving challenging problems, delivering tangible results and doing meaningful work.

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