How we work

We design, develop, and deliver a wide range of different software development solutions, providing you with a complete package of support.

We offer a wide range of software development projects, providing a complete package of support to ensure that your projects are delivered in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Our expertise includes:

  • Requirements and user experience capture
  • Design and planning consultancy
  • Tailored development strategies
  • Targeted software quality assurance
  • Long-term support

Requirements and user experience capture

We work with you to elicit and collate your requirements. Where specific requirements are essential to the success of an application, we use formal approaches to capture these, whilst also gaining an understanding of the optimum user experience, to ensure that your applications are intuitive and simple to navigate.


Design and requirements capture

We recognise that your initial design decisions, selection of technology elements and project scoping choices can be difficult to make in a rapidly changing environment. We guide you through initial project planning stages, providing advice and helping shape your project plans to reduce costs and mitigate against potential scope creep. Our expert consultants propose technical solutions that are tailored to your requirements and are robust against obsolescence issues.

Development strategies

Different projects can be carried out using a range of development life cycle models. We guide you to select a development strategy that is best suited to your project goals and your company structure. Our projects can be delivered using a range of client-focused development strategies, such as Agile, Spiral, V-lifecycle and Waterfall working practices.


Quality assurance

Our software development teams deliver products that are packaged appropriately for your target operating systems. Using a virtual machine environment in our software development allows us to mirror the final operating system, ensuring that our quality assurance activities are matched to your working environment.


Long-term support

After your software and modelling products have been delivered, we provide long-term support and continuous development options. We can offer first-line and second-line customer support, together with defect management. With a low staff turnover and active retraining process, our experts can deliver lifetime support to your software solutions.

Our development of high quality software is recognised through approval to the TickITplus scheme.

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