Enterprise modelling

Creating models based on your hypotheses, key values and data, we show you robust, real-world options that fit your business needs, helping you to make better business decisions faster.

Your organisation is complex. The multi-layered interactions of people, systems and processes across your enterprise mean that when a problem arises or a new activity is planned, identifying the dynamic factors that can influence the outcome is difficult. How do you know what is the right strategy or management decision? How do you ensure that any change won't result in unintended consequences?

Helping you to make better business decisions faster

Through creating models that are based on your hypothesis, your key values and your data, we can show you robust, real-world options that best fit your business needs. Our enterprise modelling helps you make clearer strategic and policy decisions using visualisation and the application of scientific principles, engineering thinking, and stakeholder engagement. It gives you:

  • a better understanding of your organisation's complex business systems
  • an enduring tool to help you develop a strategy that is robust to unanticipated outcomes
  • a process that brings all stakeholders with you, ensuring you have buy-in for your chosen strategy and can safely implement it.

What is enterprise modelling?

Enterprise modelling is a process that delivers a 'picture' of the issue – literally. Using our engineering expertise, combined with scientific rigour, we help your key stakeholders/decision-makers create a shared understanding of your business systems by developing an interactive graphical model. Combined with our proven mathematical modelling techniques, we can dynamically show you the many 'what-ifs' and the outcomes that would result from each alternative strategy that you apply. These graphics are your tools – they help you reach a shared understanding and agreement with all stakeholders as to your optimum strategy.

Together with specialist partners: George Danner, from Business Laboratory LLC, and Peter Franklin, from enstra consulting, we apply scientific, engineering and systems thinking that underpins your organisation's evidence-based strategic decision making and policy formation. Our flexible models help you understand risk and uncertainty, and rapidly test 'virtual' systems against a range of scenarios.