Corrosion management

We help you understand and manage the impact of corrosion on your assets.

Corrosion is always present, particularly in marine environments. Knowing when and how to act is essential.

Frazer-Nash has been helping clients in the Marine, Oil and Gas and Renewable industries tackle corrosion for over 20 years. This experience, combined with our cutting-edge simulation capability, enables our engineers to quantify, assess and optimise cathodic protection systems, for new-build, mid-life and retrofit systems, helping provide assurance on the integrity of your assets.

Managing an asset at risk of corrosion requires a strategy that spans the entire asset life cycle. Corrosion mitigation strategies can be grouped into the following three categories:

  • ​​​​​​​Avoid – an approach that reduces the risk of corrosion to zero, through materials selection and component design
  • Protect – an approach that reduces the risk of corrosion as much as possible, through coatings/lubricants, inhibitors and cathodic protection
  • Manage – an approach that accepts some level of corrosion will happen (even with protection measures), and is intended to provide intervention to manage the risk to an acceptable level.

A corrosion management plan may involve just one type of mitigation strategy or all three, depending on the corrosion severity and acceptable level of risk.

Manage degradation, manage your assets

Design, cost and technical constraints may not allow the optimum corrosion resistant material to be chosen, or may leave the design vulnerable to corrosion threats. Protective coatings have a limited life – often less than the asset’s requirement – so managing the degradation is essential.

Ultimately, managing corrosion is about managing your asset. A well thought out, strategically aligned asset integrity management plan is key, whichever approach you decide to take for corrosion. It ensures that every decision you make in relation to asset integrity, is made to optimise the asset life cycle to deliver maximum value to your organisation.

We can help you understand and manage the impact of corrosion on your assets. Our MADE approach enables you to manage asset degradation in the environment, while our FNCorrosion tool delivers cutting-edge corrosion modelling.

Check out Frazer-Nash's recent webinar on Corrosion in Offshore Energy, in which we discuss the different types of corrosion which can occur in the marine environment, the dramatic impact they can have on offshore assets, and the variety of techniques available to combat them.

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