Public sector business cases

We develop business cases that help you build a case for change and increase your likelihood of gaining investment approval.

Public sector organisations are often required to develop business cases to justify government investment in their programmes and projects. We produce business cases, in line with the HM Treasury 'Green Book' and 'Five Case Model' formats, to help you to build a case for change and increase your likelihood of gaining investment approval.

Supporting your decision making

Our Agile Project Management Group (AMPG)-accredited and HM Treasury qualified business case practitioners use the Five Case Model format. Through developing strategic, economic, commercial, financial and management cases they can help your organisation to identify a range of potential investment options. Whether your project is in its initial design, construction, modification or decommissioning/retirement stage, our experts enable you to identify a range of viable options and assess them to determine which will provide you with best value for money.

We can:

  • offer business knowledge and expertise that is underpinned by extensive technical knowledge, adding value to the business case process and the quality of the options identified
  • provide specific technical input into your existing business case, or lead the business case development process on your behalf
  • facilitate your business case development, taking you through workshops to identify spending objectives, critical success factors, a wide range of options and a preferred way forward
  • help you to assess the 'value for money' (VfM) of options through cost-benefit analysis – to identify net present value (NPV)
  • support you in ascertaining the fundability and affordability of projects, using financial analysis
  • act on behalf of public sector organisations to undertake market engagement activities, develop technical procurement specifications, and assess technical tender responses from industry.

Our experience

As an engineering consultancy we have a deep technical understanding of a wide range of sectors – including aerospace, transport, nuclear, marine, defence, power and energy, as well as expertise in security, resilience, cyber and information technology. This wider organisational experience has enabled us to help the development of business cases for clients including:

  • undertaking reviews of government policy in line with the Green Book
  • using the Five Case Model format to support public sector organisations with business case development
  • working with experts in economics to assess the impact of policy change on the UK economy
  • supporting rail franchise bids at the highest levels, developing cost-benefit models, maintenance facility plans, and conducting market engagement to obtain cost data
  • supporting the upgrade and replacement of fleets of ground-based and aerial vehicles in defence and the public sector
  • advising across the breadth of the energy system: working with government and the public sector to develop and integrate new energy systems, to model different technology adoption strategies, and to optimise energy usage  
  • developing and using a transport economic and cost model
  • increasing the understanding of how large-scale infrastructure, such as power plants or oil rigs, can be decommissioned at end-of-life
  • project and programme management and consultancy across infrastructure and defence
  • reviewing tenders as part of an aircraft procurement programme.