We deliver policy development, advice and review, helping you to develop sound, robust policies that support your objectives and fit your strategic goals.

Government and public sector policy development, advice and review

The challenges of developing new government policy, and of making changes to existing policy, should not be underestimated.

Policies need to support the objectives of the public sector organisation, while also ensuring that they:

  • reflect and take into account industry sentiment
  • demonstrate strategic fit within both the government and the organisation  
  • consider all the associated activities, programmes and projects required to deliver these goals.

We help public sector organisations to develop sound and robust policies.

Supporting your policy development and review

We develop and assess potential policy options against a range of criteria, including strategic fit, value for money, affordability, cash flow, and the ability of industry to provide a solution, and deliver it. This enables you to determine an optimal way forward, and eventually to identify a preferred option. Through collating and analysing data from a wide range of stakeholders, we also assess the performance of your current policies, so that cost-effective changes can be developed and delivered, where they are needed.

We will:

  • help your organisation to identify its objectives, and the relevant activities, programmes and projects required to deliver them
  • assess how your current policies are performing, and the changes that could be made to improve performance
  • help your organisation develop high quality technology policy options to meet your objectives. We support business case formats such as the Five Case Model, that meet public sector guidelines such as the Green Book. Our deep understanding of technology and its performance, ensures the options developed are more robust when producing strategic and economic cases
  • provide value-for-money assessments based on net present value (NPV), in order to help you select a preferred option
  • deliver costed analyses that enable you to have high levels of confidence in our recommendations, including yearly budget forecasts to evaluate affordability of projects
  • help you plan for successful implementation and benefits realisation.

Our expertise

With a deep technical understanding of infrastructure, through our work across a range of sectors including aerospace, transport, nuclear, marine, defence, power and energy, security, resilience, cyber and information technology, we offer:

  • a unique blend of skills, combining business, engineering, programme and project management expertise as well as knowledge of the Green Book and its application
  • a proven track record of delivering engineering solutions to industry, the public sector and government, credibility with stakeholders, and an excellent technical understanding of the effects of policy change 
  • expertise to inform and evaluate policy. We offer policy modelling services, providing a visual representation of the complex interactions between the stakeholders affected by government policy, and showing the impacts of any policy changes
  • stakeholder engagement services, to obtain qualitative information and opinions, including workshops, interviews and questionnaires.