Carbon capture, utilisation and storage

Our cross sector experience means we're well placed to support carbon capture, utilisation and storage projects.

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) will play a vital part in enabling the energy transition.

With our extensive experience in oil and gas, turbo-machinery, power generation and renewables, we are well placed to support CCUS. As displayed in the infographic below, we use our Systems Approach to deliver technical solutions to some of the most challenging problems out there.

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Carbon capture overview

CCUS can act as an influential tool in combatting climate change through the:

  • Capture of CO2 from electricity generation, industrial sources (e.g. steel or cement production), and ambient air (using direct air capture (DAC))
  • Transportation of CO2 via pipeline or ship
  • Utilisation of CO2 in creating products (e.g. concrete), or to enhance oil recovery
  • Storage of CO2 permanently underground in a compatible reservoir.

Our Systems Approach, coupled with our cross-sector expertise working with industry and government, enables us to understand the CCUS value chain.

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Carbon capture overview with capabilities

We can support you with:

  • Business case support and stakeholder management
  • Cost estimating, with optioneering and techno economic assessment
  • Requirements capture, with mechanical and electrical design
  • Supply chain assessment
  • Strategic asset support
  • Technology innovation and management
  • Structural integrity analysis, fluid and thermal analysis
  • Materials and corrosion management
  • Project life cycle and asset management
  • Reliability, supportability and digital security
  • Project and project risk management
  • Software innovation and digital development
  • Regulatory and decision making support
  • Environmental impact assessment and waste management
  • Testing and inspection
  • Knowledge management and safety advice and support.

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