Working towards Net Zero

Discover our role in the transition towards a decarbonised world.

Our Systems Approach is enabling the energy transition towards a Net Zero world: actively supporting in the reduction of existing emissions and removal of greenhouse gases.

Our experience in working with government and industry, coupled with our expertise in parallel sectors, enables us to deliver technical solutions to some of the most challenging problems out there.

We understand that there is no silver bullet to overcoming the climate change conundrum; an integrated and collaborative approach is required, which considers commercial and technical challenges. Our extensive cross-industry exposure gives us a whole systems outlook to meet the demands of tomorrow.

We can help you work towards Net Zero by:

  • Supporting the development of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) including direct air capture (DAC)
  • Providing technical advice on the establishment of hydrogen as a clean energy source
  • Developing 'Net Zero' company strategies
  • Enabling implementation of future transport systems
  • Advancing clean energy technology and innovation
  • Managing assets’ environmental impact
  • Supporting project and programme delivery.

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