Serapis Lot 6, Understand: our partners

As the prime contractor for Lot 6 Understand, Frazer-Nash works with its partners Roke Manor Research, Digital Catapult and University of Birmingham.

Frazer-Nash Consultancy

Frazer-Nash Consultancy offers proven expertise across the C4ISTAR domain supporting the UK's Ministry of Defence, the Australian Government Department of Defence and defence prime contractors. Frazer-Nash take an innovative approach to capability management, assisting our clients throughout the acquisition life cycle – from system definition, through system acceptance, to in-service support.

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Lot 6 partner: Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult is the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre, driving the adoption of advanced digital technologies to make UK businesses more competitive and productive to grow the country’s economy.

Digital Catapult connect large companies with startups, scaleups and researchers working with artificial intelligence, immersive technologies, and future networks (5G & LPWAN) to discover new ways to solve big challenges in the manufacturing and creative industries.

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Roke Manor

Data science has been a fundamental part of Roke’s capabilities for many years and is based on a solid foundation in unstructured data processing, combined with advanced data science techniques.

These include machine and deep learning, natural language processing and computational linguistics, dimensionality reduction and visualisation. Roke combine this expertise with big data technologies in order to provide innovative, advanced analytics solutions that scale and process high volume and velocity data in real time.

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Lot 6 partner: University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham has a long history of collaboration with Dstl and has managed and delivered significant research programmes for across a widerange of RF sensing, quantum sensing, metrology, space weather research, manufacturing processes for the space environment, command and control, simulation and training with the use of synthetic environments and AR/VR/Mixed reality technologies. The University is an Alan Turing Institute (ATI) member and have begun delivering research focused on big data, analytics and machine learning for Dstl and other ATI partners.

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