We bring our analytical skills to support clients in the groundbreaking area of nuclear fusion, from concept to delivery.


Nuclear fusion is the process by which two light atomic nuclei combine to form a single heavier one while releasing vast amounts of energy, which can be four times greater than nuclear fission reactions. Currently, research on nuclear fusion is carried out in over 50 countries, and while fusion reactions have been successfully achieved in many experiments, a net power gain is yet to be demonstrated.

Fusion power offers the prospect of an almost inexhaustible source of energy for future generations, but this also presents exciting and complex engineering challenges. We recognise that fusion can play a significant part in the UK’s target to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050, and our expertise will support your organisation with fusion developments.

Our experience, understanding and holistic systems approach enables the efficient adoption of advanced engineering techniques to realise advancements in fusion. This approach allows us to address any fusion challenges you may face. Our core values encompass why we see our involvement in the development of fusion technology as paramount for future generations:


We care

Caring about the environment and supporting the development of an energy source which is safe, secure and sustainable is hugely important to us.

We want to do things that matter

Fusion energy is a clean, safe and sustainable energy source which will benefit future generations and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

We are trusted

With more than three decades of experience in the nuclear industry delivering complex engineering solutions, we provide specialist support to many fusion developers.

We deliver success

We have a proven and reliable track record of delivering solutions to our clients who are developing fusion technologies.

Our business

Frazer-Nash has already secured a number of prestigious Tier 1 supplier positions with the UKAEA, where we are supported by a UK and international supply chain, with more coming in 2022:

  • Engineering Design Services framework: we are a Tier 1 provider of specialist skills.
  • Tritium engineering framework
  • Manufacturing support services framework

STEP (Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production) is an ambitious programme to design and build a fusion energy prototype plant, targeting 2040. It is a UKAEA programme with an initial £222 million funding from the UK Government to produce a concept design by 2024. The STEP prototype will be used to test the technology and enable a fleet of commercial plants to follow in the years after 2040.




Case studies

We provide fully integrated solutions to your problems, by drawing upon our own expertise combined with that from across our network of supply chain partners. Our Tier 1 position on key frameworks means there are new opportunities for the wider supply chain to collaborate with Frazer-Nash and expedite further growth and development within fusion. We have supported multiple clients, including manufacturers, technique developers and product owners, working across the full breadth of the readiness level spectrum, and we appreciate the challenges that technology development presents.

The following case studies showcase our track record in successfully delivering cutting-edge solutions to challenging engineering development projects:


Direct neutron usage

Divertor heat exchanger design

Lead-lithium flow loop concept design

Tokamak bio-shield

Tritium integrated control systems assessment

Turbo molecular vacuum pump assessment

Meet the core team

We combine our in-house capability and our supply chain expertise to support delivery of your advanced engineering aspirations.


Steve Lawler

Steve is a business manager looking after all of Frazer-Nash Consultancy’s fusion interests, including the Tier 1 relationship with the UK nuclear regulator, the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), and the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Hub (AMTecH). Steve brings 16 years of nuclear sector experience which includes hands-on plant support and advanced manufacturing research & technology maturity programmes.

Steve’s passion lies in advanced manufacturing/engineering and identifying how new or optimised techniques can be deployed to support future nuclear platforms. He also has over 15 years in aerospace and automotive design & manufacturing experience as well as being a chartered engineer, chartered physicist, and a fellow of the IMechE and IoP.

Michael R. Cartwright

Michael is a Senior Consultant for Frazer-Nash Consultancy’s Fusion and SMR interests and will support the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Hub (AMTecH). He has 30 years of industry experience, ten of which were spent in the nuclear sector between Rolls Royce Submarines and the Nuclear AMRC Catapult.

Michael represented the MoD on the UK/US manufacturing knowledge transfer team and held process engineering positions at Toyota Manufacturing UK. He is an apprentice trained engineer and a Royal Navy weapons systems Artificer NCO veteran and has a wealth of experience in applying new product introduction tools and techniques in both high and low volume production environments. His passion lies in providing the best possible value for the customer by challenging the norm and solving problems with manufacturability. His innovative approach to process and product development will help support some of the most complex programmes in the UK’s nuclear sector.

Scott Davis

Scott is an experienced physicist and engineer specialising in the field of fusion power. He supports the development of the UK fusion industry through collaboration with industry and academia, delivering innovation for a variety of projects. Scott also manages UKAEA’s Tritium Engineering Framework for Frazer-Nash Consultancy, applying specialist industry knowledge to develop the future fusion fuel supply-chain.

Specialising in first-principle feasibility studies and concept designs, Scott works across the fusion power lifecycle to support the delivery of viable and commercially attractive fusion in our lifetimes.

Joseph Howells

Joseph is a Senior Consultant specialising in the structural integrity of components. He has more than ten years of industry experience which includes assessments of major components for the ITER and STEP tokamaks. This fusion experience is complemented by successful projects for the wider nuclear industry including manufacturers, operators, and the UK regulator.

Gareth Griffiths

Gareth’s background is in physics, specifically nuclear fusion. He spent two years researching uranium hydride as a tritium storage method for his MSc by research at the University of Bristol in conjunction with UKAEA, and then four years researching metal hydrides as a tritium processing and separation method towards his PhD, also at University of Bristol in conjunction with UKAEA.

At Frazer-Nash Consultancy, Gareth’s role as a nuclear fusion engineer has enabled him to work on and bid for various fusion and tritium related jobs such as a hydrogen landscape review, a tritium breeder coolant system, and tritium separation by Thermal Cycling Absorption Process (TCAP).

Simon Crowther

Simon is a Senior Consultant within our Mechanical Design area, with experience in a range of sectors. Simon has been the technical lead on a number of recent fusion projects including a breeder blanket concept design study, and is currently technically leading our support of the UKAEA Manufacturing Support Services Framework.

Ian Bunce

Ian has had a long career in nuclear power, with a deep knowledge of Pressurised Water Reactors (PWRs) as used for submarine propulsion, which is supplimented with experience in Civil Nuclear (AP1000 and European Pressurised Reactors).

He has also been involved in research and development for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), Advanced Modular Reactors (AMRs) and fusion. His knowledge and expertise is pivotal to our engagement with fusion developers to understand their technology and advanced manufacturing needs.

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