We provide support that helps you deliver the innovative medical technologies that save lives.

Medical technologies save lives. If your organisation is working to develop products or services that help prevent, diagnose, monitor or treat diseases, injuries or chronic conditions, we can help you develop the innovations and tools needed to deliver diverse care pathways.

Our expert support enables you to minimise risk, accelerate prototype design, and smooth the transition from design to production for your medical technologies. With extensive successful experience in the healthcare sector, we have helped companies demonstrate proof-of-concept for their innovative technologies, design product prototypes, and bring their designs to a production-ready level. Our experts can provide assistance at all stages in the product development life cycle.

We’ve worked with start-ups from both inside and outside the MedTech sector to develop their technologies and products to meet current and future health needs; advising on component selection, supply chain development, and design for manufacture best practice. By using our strong links with academia and industry, we deliver collaborative, best-value solutions to your organisation’s medical technology projects.

Helping you to de-risk your development programmes

We apply our expertise to:

  • de-risk the development of your medical technologies, reducing your risk
  • assure quality, through our ISO9001 and ISO13485-accredited quality management system
  • speed-up MedTech prototype design – undertaking the engineering aspects of your technology development to enable you to reduce the time-to-first-prototype
  • smooth the transition to production, using our design experience and best practice knowledge of design for manufacture.

We can also help financial organisations, through developing and assuring the medical technologies and services in which they’re considering investing, allowing them to achieve better, faster returns. Our support frees up MedTech start-ups’ founders’ time, enabling them to spend time developing company strategies and engaging with investors.

Our capabilities include:

  • Electronics hardware
  • Concept generation
  • Requirements development
  • Software and embedded software
  • Control design
  • Human factors
  • Internet of Things
  • Computational modelling
  • Safety
  • Prototyping
  • Design for manufacture
  • Technology roadmapping
  • Market review
  • Project management

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