Phil Mutton

Group Leader - Design

I’m passionate about building and leading multi-disciplinary teams to design, develop and build products and technology towards a better and safer world.

My biography

It’s a cliché to say I’ve been interested in designing and making things since I was introduced to Lego, but unfortunately it’s the truth. This childhood passion led me into engineering, studying Product Design and Design Engineering at university.

Ever since then I have been designing, prototyping and building things, from Lego and bike ramps to PPE, autonomous systems and Olympic level training equipment. Whereas once I loved to puzzle over a problem and develop a solution I now get the same thrill from enabling a team of talented designers, engineers and scientists to generate creative ideas leading to solutions for complex problems. Taking those ideas and progressing them through the design process to develop new and novel products, technology and designs is where I am at my best.

The people and technical skills I have developed over my 15 years in design engineering have been around the design process and how to bring together a broad set of skills to develop products and technology to help customer achieve their goals.

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