We support the aviation sector to deliver safe and sustainable operations, and to adopt technical innovation.

Drawing on our extensive aerospace heritage, we support the aviation sector in delivering safe, sustainable and profitable operations that maximise utilisation of available capacity and effectively adopt technical innovation.

With capabilities ranging from advanced simulation and modelling to domain knowledge in complex systems such as baggage handling, we provide strategic advice, underpinned by world leading technical excellence that gives our aviation clients a competitive edge.

Our services include:

  • Sustainability
  • Energy strategy and energy management
  • Low and zero carbon (LZC) technology and carbon dioxide reduction
  • Sustainability audits
  • Natural capital assessment, strategic environmental assessment
  • Supply chain and procurement audits
  • Asset management
  • Modelling and simulation including the development of digital twins
  • Digital transformation and internet of things (IoT) integration
  • Business resilience
  • Cyber security
  • Safety management
  • Technology integration
  • Robotics, autonomy and automation
  • Unmanned autonomous systems (UAS) integration and counter-UA

We work with:

  • Central government
  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Air traffic management organisations
  • System developers
  • Regulators