Train operation

We support train operators to optimise their operational performance and to bid for franchises.

We support train operators to bid for franchises, and to optimise their performance on existing franchises.

Optimising operational performance

Our experienced engineers and rail professionals can help train operators and depot managers to:

  • Optimise maintenance strategies
  • Enable rolling stock life extensions
  • Access technical innovation funding
  • Develop rolling stock strategies for franchise bids
  • Combine the complexities of operations, resources and timetables to optimise and plan the maintenance of trains through depot infrastructure.

The depth of our knowledge base means we can transfer the skills, experience and best practice from one area to benefit our clients in other fields. Our expertise comes not from a single engineering perspective, but from detailed knowledge of a broad range of disciplines and their application across different markets.

Our skills and services

  • Model review and generation
  • Modelling approach and life cycle management
  • Method development and research
  • Bespoke software development.