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Frazer-Nash team wins place in APM Challenge final

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A team from Frazer-Nash has secured a place in the final of the APM South Wales and West of England Project Management Challenge competition.

A team from Frazer-Nash has secured a place in the final of the Association for Project Management (APM) South Wales and West of England (SWWE) Project Management Challenge competition.

The challenge is designed to promote the project profession in the region, and to inspire the project managers of tomorrow

Frazer-Nash’s ‘Team IKB’ has been supporting Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service (EVS), which delivers a lifesaving service to the NHS in South West England. The group transports blood, neo-natal milk, pathology specimens and other medical supplies, such as Covid-19 test samples, to laboratories by special liveried motorbikes (known as blood bikes).

Emma Tierney, Team IKB’s Project Manager outlines the work the group has undertaken for the charity:

“Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service is run entirely by volunteers: in 2019 it made over 6,000 deliveries and covered 170,000 miles. We’ve been helping the charity by designing and building it a new website, focussing on its user interface, the addition of an online shop and social media links. We hope that this will help increase awareness of its presence, maintain connections to its supporters and stakeholders, and encourage additional donations. We’ve also provided an accompanying training package.”

Complimenting the team on helping to deliver a friendly and easy to use website, Freewheelers Chair, Melanie Rowbottom, added:

“The additional shop facility is a great step forward and something we have been keen to do for a while. Your patience whilst we amended the parameters of our requirements was much appreciated; and the quick turnaround on feedback provided at each of the review sessions ensured the project remained on track against the changing requirements.”

Frazer-Nash put forward two teams for the APM Challenge competition: Team  IKB who worked with Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service, and Team AltruAdvocate who have been supporting The Forest of Avon Trust.

Project Sponsor, Nick Jones, said:

“We’re really proud of both teams’ commitment to making a difference to the work of the two charities, helping them to reach out to their members and supporters online – and we’re thrilled that Team IKB has achieved a finals place, and wish them good luck in the final against stiff opposition. Another example of our people really living our values: ‘doing things that matter’; ‘we are successful’; and ‘we care’.”

Entrants to the challenge presented their project plans to the APM project board for assessment just before Christmas 2020, and submitted their final reports at the end of March 2021. The project board assessed the reports and selected the four finalist teams, who will deliver their presentations at the finals night on 6 May. The winning team and runners-up will be selected, and receive their awards at the finals, with a further prize for the best project storyboard.