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Corrosion in Offshore Energy webinar

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Missed the webinar? Full recording and presentation slides now available.

On the 17 December 2020, Frazer-Nash Consultancy hosted a webinar on Corrosion in Offshore Energy. We hope all of our attendees found it insightful – it was fantastic to host so many interested people, and receive lots questions for the Q&A.

If you missed out, don’t worry! You can now access the full webinar recording and the presentation slides below.

At this educational webinar, we discussed the different types of corrosion which can occur in the marine environment, the dramatic impact they can have on offshore assets, and the variety of techniques available to combat them.

Our speakers included:

Calum Ferguson – The Cost and Consequences of Corrosion

Ben Daymond – Corrosion Threats

Dr Kate Coleman – Mitigation Strategies

About the Presenters:

Dr Kate Coleman – Senior Consultant: Kate is a physicist and materials engineer with a strong background in asset integrity management. During her PhD, she investigated the influence of materials selection on the resistance to Type II fire-side corrosion of heat exchangers in biomass-fuelled conventional power generation environments. Kate is an experienced project manager, having managed a variety of projects in the power generation sector. She was the lead integrity engineer responsible for the development and implementation of a risk-based inspection programme designed to manage erosion and flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) in low-temperature pipework.

Ben Daymond – Consultant: Ben is a highly experienced consultant scientist specialising in metallurgy and materials science. He has a strong research background in the corrosion field, with thorough understanding of highly accelerated life testing, atmospheric corrosion and pitting/crevice corrosion multiple industrial sectors. He has experience in project managing multi-partner multi-year research projects, and has worked as the technical lead on the long-term corrosion modelling and protection of marine assets, including ships, sub-sea power generation and submarines.

Calum Ferguson – Senior Engineer: Calum is a published materials scientist with experience in asset life extension in the power generation and aerospace industries. He has a strong research background involving the microstructural and mechanical characterisation of materials, including the combinatorial testing of adhesion layers used to improve the bonding of thin coatings at the Swiss Federal Institute of Materials. Calum has an in-depth knowledge of creep and fatigue, and has developed physics-based material models which help to extend the life of critical components in gas turbines.

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