Independent loads analysis

Our bespoke computational models and analyses help us to provide you with sound advice on your current or future assets.

Where operational performance data is not readily available, one of the key tools available for understanding wind turbine performance is independent loads analysis. This analysis can be used in a number of ways: 

  • Design optimisation in FEED
  • Digital twins
  • Life extension of current assets
  • Evaluation of retrofit add-ons/controller upgrades
  • Optimisation of operation and maintenance activities
  • Root cause analysis of fault.

When it comes to independent loads analysis, it is important to understand the accuracy of the modelling and to use the results appropriately. There is always an inherent uncertainty in this type of analysis as details such as exact blade profiles and turbine control algorithms for commercial turbines are not usually available.

Our extensive experience of commercial projects and understanding of how the system operates allow us to create bespoke computational models to represent any commercially available turbine. These models, coupled with our ability to understand the behaviour and analyse the outcomes allow us to provide our clients with sound advice on their current or future assets.

Our key differentiators in this area of work are:

  • Understanding suitable modelling fidelity to ensure value for money for our customers
  • Our experience of commercial projects to ensure behaviour is representative
  • Our ability to provide focused and clear advice to our customers.

Independent loads analysis of floating wind turbines is even more complex than for fixed bottom assets as there are significant interactions between the foundation motion and turbine behaviour. Based on our experience within the core engineering team on six floating projects to date we have unrivalled understanding of the dynamics and behaviours that really matter. Within our team at Frazer-Nash we have true world experts in the field of floating wind loads analysis, demonstrated by our leadership in the industry through research and engagement with international standards committees.

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