Mike Myers

Group Leader - Mechanical Integrity

If your power or chemical industry assets are causing you reliability or integrity challenges, please get in touch with Mike.

My biography

I am a Chartered Professional Engineer and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland, bringing more than 15 years’ experience of integrity management to the power and chemical industries.

I have worked internationally as a consultant, beginning my career in New Zealand predominantly supporting coal and hydro assets, before moving to Australia where I focussed on gas fired, supercritical coal fired power stations and chemical plant, and more recently continuing the same theme after moving to the UK.

I have developed a passion for extending the life and managing the risk of failure in high value assets, such as boilers, steam and gas turbines, pressure vessels, pipework and other critical infrastructure – where failure can result in significant consequence, such as a safety risk to people and the environment.

I currently lead a group of asset integrity engineers within Frazer-Nash’s energy business - where we focus on the safe management of ageing assets across multiple industries.

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