Weapons safety

Our expert knowledge assures your weapon systems and informs your safety cases.

We provide timely, high quality independent ordnance, munitions and explosive (OME)  safety advice, and safety and suitability for service (S3) support, based upon our in-depth knowledge of associated OME processes, policies and weapon systems’ engineering. We add value, informing your OME safety cases and other associated documentation through provision of clear conclusions and recommendations.

Our extensive experience of supporting safety assurance for weapon systems and OME means we can provide a full range of services across the CADMID cycle.

For many years we have developed OME hazard logs, safety case reports as well as developing evidence and compliance assessments safety legislation, regulation and policy such as Def Stan 07-085. We can support you with risk tolerability derivation and regulatory compliance. Our skills also extend to safety critical systems and safety integrity level (SIL) activities, which are a common hurdle for projects. We can assist you with test and evaluation activities, if needed, whether through physical trials and assessment, or through exploitation of synthetic environments and modelling.

Our strong OME capability is recognised by the UK Ministry of Defence in our delegated authority to Chair OME Safety Review Panels (OSRP), providing assurance of inherent OME safety in accordance with defence OME regulations. We are also a recognised demonstrably competent body, with relevant OME Subject Matter Expert (SME) resource providing independent technical evaluations (ITE) and advice. We help you to confirm that your OME system technical information is correct, is suitable to achieve your objectives, is valid, and is fit for purpose.


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