Naomi Heming

Technical Management Consulting Service Lead

An advocate of big ideas, fresh thinking and collaboration, I lead our strategic advisory consulting service.

My biography

I lead Frazer-Nash’s technical management consulting service through which we provide strategic advice and delivery support to help our clients address their business challenges and realise their business ambitions.

I work across our business interfacing with all of our markets and have the privilege of working across the breadth and depth of our technical teams to offer to our clients a truly unique advisory service.

I’m passionate about big ideas and realising an ambitious vision. I relish capitalising on opportunity and delivering success for a client. I am highly collaborative – an effective leader and collaborator - and an enabler for change.

I have worked in defence for more than 15 years across all tiers of the eco-system - MOD, industry and consultancy – in the UK and internationally. Through my experience I offer a well-rounded and informed view and understanding of the systemic issues frequently experienced in the sector.

I have also worked with major consumer brands such as Sony, Unilever and Astra-Zeneca, as well as clients across energy, transport and infrastructure. Through this I offer clients fresh perspectives and a cross-pollination of ideas, approaches and lessons learnt.

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