Physical threat and vulnerability investigation

We understand the threats to your people, systems and facilities, and support you to improve your safety, business continuity and resilience.

Industries face many physical threats that may leave them vulnerable to loss of revenue and reputation – and in extreme cases of assets/people – and that can impact negatively upon their ability to operate. We understand the likelihood and consequences of threats to your people, systems and facilities, and help you to plan mitigations to improve your safety, business continuity and resilience, and to enable you to comply with regulation and legislation.

To understand your organisation’s vulnerability we start by identifying the sources of threat: from environmental, accidental or hostile actions, for example. From this, we determine how likely each threat is, and its potential consequences, then use this understanding of risks and outcomes to deliver mitigation solutions specific to your business.

We advise on threats from:

  • High energy dynamic events such as impact, collision, dropped loads, blast and shock
  • Environmental loads: seismic, wind, rain, snow, wave and flood
  • Human injury and protection in civilian and defence domains
  • Human noise and vibration exposure, control and legislative compliance.

We develop strategies to help you understand the consequences of threats, based upon your business and operational needs and our in-depth knowledge of legislation and regulations. We establish the range of threat scenarios, and quantify their effects upon your organisation, using analytical and numerical methods and physical measurements. Armed with this understanding of the consequences of potential threats, we can:

  • Provide evidence to enable you to demonstrate legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Develop physical, process, procedural and operational mitigations that assure your business continuity
  • Inform any redesign of your components and systems to reduce the threat risk


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