Failure and defect investigation

We gather evidence to understand the causes of plant or equipment failure, and implement actions to put things right.

Your plant or equipment can start to behave in unexpected ways, show premature or excessive signs of degradation or, in some cases, fail. We gather evidence to work out what is going on, and why, and plan and implement actions to put things right.

Whether it’s commissioning and accepting new equipment, using existing plant in a new regime, or simply equipment ageing, systems can do the unexpected for many different reasons. Finding the root cause and delivering a lasting solution requires a breadth of skills and a robust and systematic approach, as no two situations are ever the same.

We take a four-stage approach to resolving your plant and equipment issues:

Characterising the situation: We gain understanding of your systems’ operational history, extracting data from your records, and drawing upon your users’ experience through tools including stakeholder workshops.

Understanding the cause: Employing techniques such as condition monitoring, measurement trials and engineering analysis, we identify the fundamental mechanisms that are causing your problems.

Developing the solution: Using the same methods applied to understand the cause of your issue, we explore solutions to eliminate it, such as: process conditions, system redesign, component replacement/upgrade, and modified monitoring and maintenance.

Demonstrating the outcome: We deliver confidence in our proposed solution through demonstrating your issue’s remediation, prior to implementing any changes, using our analysis techniques; and then confirming its effectiveness in operation with our trials and measurements systems.

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