Design substantiation

In an uncertain and resource constrained world, we deliver the confidence that your design solution will be available, function reliably and operate safely.

Our design substantiation services provide the assurance and evidence that enable you to be confident in the technical solution you are looking to deliver. From conception, through operation, to decommissioning, our structured systems engineering approach, coupled with deep understanding of asset integrity can provide this.

We work to understand the requirements of your challenge, developing structured solutions that are rigorously substantiated, based on our understanding of:

  • Design codes and standards
  • Engineering science
  • Structural integrity safety cases and
  • Materials selection and assurance.

We work at the interfaces of multiple disciplines, offering specialist solutions in test rigs, mechanical handling, machinery interface, seismic substantiation, and infrastructure engineering.

We can also provide independent assessment of your design, giving confidence to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that they can progress their designs, and to financiers that designs are feasible for investment.


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