Weapons integration and assurance

We deliver OME safety advice and suitability for service support.

Ordnance, munitions and explosives integration and assurance

At Frazer-Nash, we have considerable expertise and proven experience in the development of timely, high quality independent ordnance, munitions and explosives (OME). This includes safety advice, system safety and suitability for service (S3) support.

Our OME rapid integration and assurance services help provide safe, effective and battle winning weapon systems into service, underpinned by our scientific, engineering and operational skillsets.

We support the design, development, production and through-life management of your small arms, naval guns, complex weapons, artillery systems and military and law enforcement products. Our expertise in weapon systems’ safety assurance means we can undertake research on weapon effects and protection systems for your organisation, as well as providing bespoke training to support and upskill your personnel.

At Frazer-Nash, we support you and your weapon programmes through our specialist expertise in the delivery of OME. Utilising our diverse range of technical capabilities, we combine defence and wider industry best practice in our services, to help you achieve success in all stages of the CADMID/T cycle.


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