Organisational change

We enable successful organisational change, supporting you to understand how your organisation is performing, and how to improve it.

The success of any enterprise relies upon its organisational structure being aligned to its objectives, processes and available technology. This includes ensuring the resilience of the organisation when it is implementing a strategic programme of change, undergoing organisational transformation or deploying incremental end-to-end process improvements.

Our consultants will support you with practical advice and cross-industry knowledge to help gain an understanding of how your organisation is performing and how to improve it.

Measuring and understanding performance is fundamental to business success. We can develop clear strategies, along with key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to help leadership teams see trends earlier and develop action plans to modify operational approaches.

We can help you improve your organisation by:

  • Modelling the processes and helping you optimise your operations
  • Delivering a programme of change to realise the stated benefits and meet strategic business objectives
  • Implementing stringent management systems with robust KPIs, to ensure programmes are delivered on time and to budget, with issues identified early and rectified
  • Deploying project and organisational structures which reflect and support the needs of your organisation, your projects and your employees
  • Identifying opportunities where further business improvements can be made to augment your programme of change.

Choosing the right approach

We have a range of different tools and techniques to support organisational change and improvement ‒ delivering value by:

  • Enterprise modelling, organisational design, capability and governance
  • Financial modelling and business case development
  • Independent performance review, linked to operational and process improvement
  • Business process simulation and modelling
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Skills auditing, mapping and gap assessment
  • Project management coaching and mentoring
  • Industry best practice across diverse markets.