Environmental technical assessment

Frazer-Nash can provide a range of technical assessments to support environmental permitting and compliance with environmental regulations. Two examples are discussed below.

Air Quality Impact Assessments: Power and industrial plant can generate pollutants that may affect the local population, environment and habitats. Environmental regulators often require evidence quantifying the impact of new plant when considering permit applications. We can help guide you through the environmental permitting applications process, including air quality assessments and impact assessments to quantify the impact of emissions:

  • Assessing impacts to people, wildlife habitats and local air quality management areas,
  • Where needed, helping our clients improve their plant to reduce harmful emissions,
  • Delivering clear and concise reports to environmental regulators in support of permit applications.

Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) Compliance Assessments: It is important for incineration plants to keep combustion gases at elevated temperatures for long enough to manage emissions. We can support the compliance process by helping to:

  • Understand the impact of plant design features, fuel/combustion gas compositions and power offtakes on compliance and performance,
  • Predict detailed flow mixing, combustion and heat transfer within the plant, and the impact on emissions characteristics, using proportionate Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) analysis,
  • Demonstrate plant performance pre-commissioning and reduce compliance risks.