Corrosion modelling

Our modelling software, FNCorrosion, predicts cathodic protection (CP) system performance, protection level, anode current output and expected life.

Marine structures typically provide all the ingredients required for galvanic corrosion. Left under-protected, the resulting damage requires regular, costly repairs. By installing an appropriate protection system, or optimising an existing one, your asset availability can be increased and through-life costs reduced. Frazer-Nash can help you to plan for and realise these benefits.

Using cutting-edge simulation techniques and drawing on the experience gained from a long and successful record of past projects, we offer expert advice on the design, optimisation and use of cathodic protection systems. Our services provide measurable technical and commercial benefits to designers, manufacturers and operators of vessels and offshore assets.

Our cathodic protection (CP) system modelling software, FNCorrosion, has been developed, validated, and used over many years, allowing the prediction of CP system performance in terms of protection level, anode current output and expected life.

Our project experience has included:

  • Performance assessments of installed cathodic protection systems
  • Optimisation of cathodic protection system configuration
  • Review of system operation
  • Assessment of human factors on operating procedures and practices
  • Cost-benefit assessments of different cathodic protection solutions.

The software allows us to assess the impact of variations in coating, CP system and environmental conditions (speed, depth, temperature, salinity), both through year and through life. Importantly, this modelling also avoids the inherent assumptions in industry standards that can be particularly misleading for monopole CP systems (for example, interaction between closely spaced anodes).

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