Test rig design, science and research support

By applying our expertise in research, engineering and design, we can take your ideas and concepts and simulate their capability and performance in the real world.

At Frazer-Nash, we support innovation and research across a wide range of sectors.

From hot gas turbine test rigs, nuclear fusion experiments, and advanced material science equipment, to supporting train vehicle test facility development, and cycling and rowing ergometer prototypes – our expertise has helped deliver cutting edge technologies that de-risk programmes, deliver value, and ensure that our clients’ ideas and concepts meet the stringent criteria they established at the start of their programme.

By combining our expertise from across a range of industries, we have delivered successful outcomes for diverse applications. For example, our experts in material science, nuclear physics, electromagnetics, robotics – to name just a few – have all worked together to deliver for our clients. And through combining our core engineering, systems and technology skills with our niche expertise, we can deliver for you too.

We understand how to develop effective research programmes and can support you in planning, feasibility studies and organisational setup. We apply our thinking to design and develop test rigs and supporting facilities that achieve your objectives. Our ISO accredited, tried and tested design processes can be applied to small, large or full scale commissions or to entire facilities.

We use our expertise to support your:

  • materials testing equipment
  • full-scale vehicle and power system rigs
  • automatic mechanical handling lines
  • model-based design facilities
  • trials, test and measurement support
  • research funding and management.

Working with a leader in the rolling stock industry, we provided the UK rail industry with cutting edge capability to efficiently integrate, develop and validate train electrical and control systems. And we can deliver similar results for your business