Weapons security

We help your organisation assess its weapon system risks and overcome security challenges.

All defence systems that process UK government data must go through a defined risk assessment and formal approval process before becoming operational, to ensure that they remain secure.

We have delivered security work packages for several weapons and their associated systems, ranging from assisting with submarine combat systems requirements’ leadership, through to datalink encryption for F-35 Lightning II sensors. We hold appropriate licences to allow us to use the STREAM Integrated Risk Management platform and recognised control frameworks and can help your organisation to assess its weapon system risks and overcome security challenges.

Our expertise can be applied across the tri-service domains, including the strategic deterrent domain, delivering enhanced solutions to both government and industry. For example, we have worked on a project for land vehicles, which is intended for integration as part of a life extension project.

Similarly, we have provided support to government project teams on security accreditation of mission planning systems for guided air launched weapons. We are committed working with our clients to develop and deliver cutting edge solutions. Our specialist input to microdrone concept work and other novel projects help deliver secure systems to the user, whilst the expert security management solutions we offer support you to keep pace with the rapidly evolving weapons security field.


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