Critical and emergency services

From modelling and resource analysis, to human factors advice that assures staff safety and wellbeing, we find solutions to your challenges.

Providers of critical and emergency services work to help keep people safe, responding to emergencies, rescuing those in trouble and ensuring crucial facilities remain in operation. Our work supports these agencies to deliver their essential purpose.

From delivering modelling and resource analysis, to providing human factors advice to assure staff safety and wellbeing, to developing technical solutions to operational challenges, our expertise supports critical services’ activities. We work with police and security professionals to assure the resilience of organisations, systems and operations whether against a physical or cyber threat.


  • Support better decision making, using numerical analysis and modelling, underpinned by engineering expertise and experience, to help emergency and critical services to manage their complex systems and deliver better outcomes for the public
  • Support the successful delivery of projects, working with government and industry to ensure infrastructure and technology is delivered efficiently and effectively
  • Design open systems architecture that helps to reduce the through-life cost of system ownership, and enables faster, more agile, evolution of capabilities to meet future needs.
  • Help government maximise the value of the wealth of GIS data now available to decision makers, through our Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) consultancy services
  • Deliver a comprehensive suite of services to provide security in the cyber space, analysing and mitigating cyber risk
  • Find innovative solutions to operational service and policy delivery challenges: offering a wealth of experience of managing and supporting emerging technology
  • Help our clients maximise the value of their assets, optimise maintenance programmes and minimise through life cost
  • Use our expertise to assess critical national assets’ risk, helping to deliver resilience for critical national infrastructure (CNI) against potential threats, and providing advice to minimise vulnerabilities.

Providing support to:

  • Home Office
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Critical national infrastructure
  • Police
  • RNLI
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Secure government