Ports and harbours

Our technical expertise helps provide you with new and novel solutions to the challenges faced by ports, harbours and maritime infrastructure.

We know that ports and harbours are a critical link between the UK and the world, and ensuring your operations remain smooth and efficient is vital. From digital twins, to asset management and technology exploitation, we will help you keep your services running efficiently and effectively, whilst meeting your environmental and sustainability targets.

Our expertise helps drive innovation and efficiency in ports and harbours, ensuring your organisation can grow by exploiting new and innovative technologies. We support ports that are developing sustainability strategies, and work towards net zero targets by unleashing the potential of clean, green technologies.

As trading patterns change over time, logistics and economic modelling can reduce the risk of change and uncertainty for your organisation. We develop solutions that allow you to optimise your port operations, and help you to plan for – and react to – any potential scenario.

Our specialists deliver the technical capabilities to underpin your maritime civil works, supporting you with mechanical and electrical expertise that complements your marine civil engineering teams in port development and expansion.

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