We help you to manage your systems’ heat as a valuable asset or mitigate it as a hazard.

Our component and system level thermal modelling skills help you manage heat flow and thermal loads in your power producing and process systems. 

Where heat loads are extreme, we deploy a suite of tools to appraise the risks associated with radiative heat transfer, flame impingement and global temperature threats associated with fire breakout. We use our analytical skills to help manage the flow of heat within thermo-mechanical systems, whilst keeping the constituent components within acceptable operating temperature limits.

We support you with services in:

  • Power conversion system design
  • Cycle analysis and optimisation
  • Combustion modelling and fire hazards analysis
  • Heat transfer and heat exchanger performance assessment
  • Temperature predictions for critical assets in harsh environments

We deliver multidisciplinary support, helping to overcome thermal and fluid issues across your projects, enhancing your systems’ asset management and asset integrity.

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