Peter van Manen

Service Development Lead - Digital

Developing and deploying real-time control and data systems.

My biography

I have been developing digital products and services for more years than I care to remember. I have a strong engineering background with tremendous drive, curiosity and tenacity to get things done and done well.

My experience includes professional motorsport, automotive, aerospace, and mining.

At Frazer-Nash, I work with our teams of engineers and data scientists on challenges which are complex, uncertain and demanding. My expertise covers nuclear power stations, offshore wind farms, autonomous vehicles, warships –amongst a whole host of other things. We exploit science, data and probability to get more performance, availability and safety at an affordable price.

Before joining Frazer-Nash, I worked in Formula One for over 20 years, and led McLaren Electronic Systems until 2015 –supplying control and data systems to all competitors in Formula One, NASCAR and IndyCar.

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