Richard Underhill

Principal Consultant

Applying computational fluid dynamics (CFD) expertise to add value and improve performance.

My biography

I have been using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques to solve a range of clients’ complex fluid dynamic and heat transfer problems for over 20 years.

Working across the nuclear, aerospace, marine, renewable and gas turbine industries, I have used CFD to improve efficiency, increase reliability and support nuclear safety cases.

I promote and support CFD best practice through membership of the NAFEMS CFD working group and HSE joint industry project on gas leaks in gas turbine enclosures.

I am the technical lead for the four-year, BEIS funded, digital reactor design programme for nuclear thermal hydraulics model development. This programme is intended to upskill the UK in predictive modelling of single phase heat transfer and passive cooling for advanced nuclear technologies (SMRs and AMRs). You can find out more about this programme here.

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