Control and functional safety

We understand that safety is your highest priority. Let our experts put your mind at ease.

We care about safety. Our experts are trusted to deliver reliable work in electrical control.

We have highly skilled experts who can help you understand and address your control and functional safety needs.

Successfully applying functional safety requires a multi-disciplinary approach. We deliver expertise across the full IEC 61508 life cycle. Our extensive experience means we can assist you with any activity where control and functional safety expertise is required.

Our control and functional safety experts understand the importance of assured, safe, secure and reliable control systems.

Brent Ratcliffe, Engineering Manager

Explore our control and functional safety expertise:

Control and protection systems require strict adherence to standards to ensure safe operation.

We design and produce high integrity software, working closely with systems integrators to deliver compliant safety instrumented systems. Our design capability ranges from concept to detailed specification, and benefits from expertise in safety assurance to ensure compliance with relevant standards.

Our capabilities

  • Control system design from concept to detailed specification
  • Safety system specification
  • Safety integrity level assessment.

Navigating the standards and policies related to functional safety can be tricky, but you need to get it right.

Our engineers can apply their experience to advise clients on the required policies, processes and procedures for the management of safety instrumented systems and their related hazard analyses: vital activities to ensure the systems remain valid.

Our capabilities

  • Safety process assessment and policy review
  • Safety case management
  • Safety case assurance.


Control systems for plant require careful design to ensure correct operation without performance impact or accelerated wear.

Our experts can carry out detailed system analysis to optimise the development of data control systems. With experience ranging from pre-conceptual algorithm design, through to performance validation during in-field testing, we are well placed to assist with any challenges you face.

Our capabilities

  • System dynamics analysis and modelling
  • Algorithm design and development
  • Rapid concept optioneering
  • Testing
  • Validation.

We provide technical assurance assessments of ‘smart’ devices and complex programmable technologies across a range of high integrity applications.

Our expertise includes production excellence (PE) assessments and independent confidence building measures (ICBMs).

Our capabilities

  • Instrument specification and qualification
  • SMART instruments, EMPHASIS
  • Modest integrity assessments
  • LowSIL assessment.

Operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) are being targeted by cyber criminals aiming to stop operations and extort asset owners or cause harm to physical assets or personnel.

Our industrial cyber security professionals take a systems engineering approach to ensure that systems are developed with security-by-design. We have experience in assessing the design of operational technology cyber security systems for nuclear safety systems and developing operational technology governance and security standards.

Our capabilities

  • OT cyber security assessments​
  • Secure by design for OT/ICS​
  • OT security governance and standards​
  • Cyber risk assessments​
  • Supply chain assurance​
  • Cyber security cases.

Having equipment and systems certified against industry standards is a necessity in control and functional safety.

We are a member of the 61508 Association and contribute towards industry guidance documents being produced by the association for some of the most topical areas of the standard. Our expertise includes assessment against standards such as IEC 61511, IEC 61513, EN 50128, Def Stan 00-56 and EN 62061.

Our capabilities

  • Independent technical assessment
  • Safety assessments.

ATEX/DSEAR compliance requires employers to assess the risks of fires and explosions that may be caused by dangerous substances in the workplace.

Many businesses do not have the in-house capability or dedicated resource to achieve compliance or correctly identify risks. As experts in this field, we can support clients though all stages: from initial risk assessment and area classification to detailed design and equipment specification.

Our capabilities

  • Hazardous area classification and zoning
  • Site walkdown DSEAR risk assessments
  • Equipment specification
  • Design support and equipment selection
  • ATEX/DSEAR compliance surveys.

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