Our hardware-in-the-loop experts help you identify design issues and integration problems early in the process saving time, effort and cost.

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing is a technique where a device of interest is connected to a test system that digitally simulates reality, making the device behave as it would inside a full system or finished product. This provides a means to quickly iterate through design and test, with less dependency on project hardware; or to use a digital model of a sub-system which is not yet available. Using this, you can easily run thousands of possible scenarios to properly exercise your device or system without the cost and time associated with physical tests. 

Our experts have a wealth of experience in developing HIL test systems at different scales and levels of fidelity, and can support you to prove concepts and remove hurdles in development and detailed design activities. HIL can help you to identify potential design issues, or integration problems, earlier in the design process, saving you the effort and cost needed to rectify these at a later date.

We bring a blend of knowledge across embedded systems to develop complex HIL projects, from desktop to facility-level. Our depth of experience allows us to understand how your device works and provide you with a solution offering:

  • Sequencing and simulation of input/output (I/O) signals and communication interfaces
  • Deterministic I/O: providing specific sensor values at specific times, with good accuracy and repeatability in the level and synchronisation of those signals
  • Dynamic modelling: one of our most exciting capabilities is in hosting one or more real-time mathematical models to provide dynamic HIL stimulus, whereby tests which might risk plant damage can be conducted and evaluated with a representative ‘virtual’ plant, reducing cost and saving resources

We have a track record of delivering HIL systems which reduce physical test resource requirements, allow tightly controlled situations and scenarios to be simulated, and provide statistically-backed confidence in the real world behaviour of a finished product or system.  We offer end-to-end solutions useful in defence, nuclear, rail, aerospace and other sectors where there is value in assurance and de-risking costly physical trials.

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