Electromagnetic compatibility

Our specialists are experienced in all aspects of electromagnetic compatibility, from concept design to measuring and testing and retrofitting protective measures.

Our depth of understanding allows us to provide our clients with solutions to all their electromagnetic compatibility problems.

Our experts boast decades of experience in electromagnetic compatibility, and are specifically trained to assess all types of problems and provide a bespoke solution to each challenge. 

We have successfully provided solutions to industry leading clients delivering to medical, rail, civil nuclear, defence, marine and petro-chemical industries.

Our electromagnetic compatibility experts understand the importance of RF controls and real world solutions to safe plant operations.

Brent Ratcliffe, Engineering Manager

Explore our electromagnetic compatibility expertise:

Mitigating environmental electromagnetic effects can be key to the safe operation of plant and systems.

Through partnership with an accredited electromagnetic compatibility test house, our engineers can perform a survey of a site which covers a broad section of the radio spectrum. Survey results can be compared to site requirements, and our experts can recommend actions to improve electromagnetic compatibility resilience to keep the site viable.

Our capabilities

  • Radio frequency interference site survey with accredited electromagnetic compatibility test house
  • Detailed survey reporting
  • Advise on resilience and mitigation during site development.

The best electromagnetic compatibility resilience is included from the start of the design process rather than added at the end.

Our experts can offer advice on how best to design while accounting for electromagnetic compatibility in new products, including circuit boards. Considerations include 3D I/O protection, filtering, transient suppression and more. We have the capability to assist with lab testing, certification obtainment, and supporting documentation.

Our capabilities

  • Electromagnetic compatibility standards
  • Gap analysis and test limit selection
  • Produce technical documentation
  • Regulatory management
  • Product certification guidance (CE, UL, TUV)
  • Declarations of conformity.

Proper testing methods are vital to ensure safe operation and EMC standards compliance.

We specialise in providing EMC design and test analysis in safety-critical industries. Our engineers have experience in defining testing procedures, performing GAP analysis, and supporting safety cases.

Our capabilities

  • Define electromagnetic compatibility environments
  • Perform gap analysis and test limit selection
  • Produce procedural documentation
  • Provide improvements/recommendations where required.

Safety qualification for plant requires detailed analysis and evidence.

Our experts have experience in developing and updating electromagnetic compatibility safety cases for new and legacy assets. Our expertise includes radiated susceptibility assessment, design of resilience equipment for retrofit, and updating electromagnetic compatibility resilience procedures and documentation for regulatory approval.

Our capabilities

  • Equipment assessment
  • Equipment testing
  • Hazard assessment
  • Electromagnetic compatibility design
  • Retro fitting of electromagnetic compatibility protective measures
  • Production of safety case documentation.

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